Isn’t it nice, when nice people, say nice things about you? Here are a few of our customers and their thoughts about the boT…



I’m so grateful we found the boT.
They paid attention to every detail and are constantly
bringing unique ideas to us that help our business.
It’s like having a team of friends you can rely on, not just
another vendor.
— Jesse Ortega, Workers Comp Collections

The team at the business of Technology were the only company
who came, sat down with us,
spent the time to understand our business,
and were there during the entire process. Everyone else just sent a quote.
— Bruce Edwards, Grandview Health

Everyone on the boT’s team are high character, ethical, and caring businesspeople who
constantly go above and beyond for their customers. Their work ethic is outstanding but most
importantly, they’re always first-in-last-out and focused on providing the best possible solutions
for customers...
— Geoff Liakos, Panasonic Corporation

Problem solvers.

Our network and phones were a mess and we knew it...

When we sat down with the boT, they said, ‘Sometimes you have to break things, especially if you know they’re already broken. You’ve got a mess, so let’s start with what we know works and unplug the rest of it. We’ll find out soon enough what else was important and we’ll fix that also.’...

6 months later, my boss realized his private fax wasn’t working, but our 450 other employees NEVER MISSED A BEAT! Most importantly, $14,000 monthly in unnecessary services were eliminated, which more than paid for the boT’s consulting fees and our upgrades.
— Todd Neidemeyer, Re/Max Properties

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