Moving Your Business & Obtaining New Network Services

If your business is moving, before you sign a lease, it’s important to check what internet services are available for your new site. Often, the exact services you had at your old location may not be available at your new location.

It’s just as important to confirm if it, "can it be installed before we move in?”


Unfortunately, we see this constantly... prospects move and just assume services are available and ready to turn on the day they move in. Then there is shock when it isn’t. "WHAT?!?!? It's going to be 3 months? But I'm moving in now!"

Here are a few easy ways to avoid this problem:

  1. Work with a technology company (like the boT) at least 2-3 months before you move. Better yet, talk to us before you commit to a new lease to confirm availability and price of services. Not every building has fiber or cable modems at an affordable price.

  2. Have services installed and working 2 weeks before you move in. It's much cheaper to pay for two weeks of service you don't use than move in and not have services.

  3. Do NOT trust someone in a call center that says “Yes, we have services there!” Unfortunately, the phone and cable companies are notorious for having inaccurate records and little to no accountability if they are wrong with the information they gave you. Here at the boT, we have software that accurately tells us what services are available and, if necessary, we can do a site survey to confirm what services are available.

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