Tips: Buying Cellular Service

We’ve all had to do it. None of us like the process. But here are some tips that might making buying cellular service a little less painful for you and your business:


The number one mistake people and businesses make when switching a mobile phone provider is trying to buy based on the "advertised" price. That price is rarely what you end up paying unless you're very savvy.  The in-store sales team is trained to "upsell" you with monthly features you don't need, such as more frequent upgrades, larger data plans, cell phone insurance, and "easy monthly payments" for your new phone(s). For example, mobile carriers are now pushing 36 payment installments for your new device(s), instead of 24 months. This is one of their “tricks” to keep those monthly service payments rolling. So try not to let these extra gimmicks be your purchase point.


Time of year

Statistically, the best time of the year to buy any new cellphone is during the Christmas season, especially Black Friday weekend and the week right before Christmas. On the other hand, what is the worst time? Typically the first week of any iPhone launch (if you’re buying Apple) is the absolute worst time to buy. There’s so much hype around the product itself that there will likely be little to no deal to be had. However, the first week of a device launch can be one of the best times to buy an Android device (like a Samsung or Google phone) because the manufacturer is trying to steal sales from Apple.  

Carrier choice

Unless you live and do business where there are more deer than people, Sprint or T-Mobile are typically the best value for service. That being said, AT&T and Verizon have become much more competitive on price in recent years. And those two carriers, especially Verizon, will typically also have the best coverage in rural areas.


Like anything else, do some research before you buy. This research should include a carrier’s bundling options. However, we do not suggest that you bundle unlike services or buy them from a reseller like Spectrum, it's rarely a better deal.

We hope sharing some tips on buying cellular service has helped you and your company. Here at the boT, we’re happy to talk about your business’ needs… we’d love to hear from you! 949-416-0199