Bandwidth: It's Never Quite Fast Enough…

Too much of a good thing is wonderful.
— Mae West

The number one question we get from businesses about internet speed is:

Q: “How much do we need?”

Our answer is usually simply:

A: “More.”

Because in today’s world, even “instant” doesn’t seem to be fast enough.  

Preferably, a mid-sized to enterprise level business should purchase the most bandwidth that their budget can afford. That’s much easier said than done, however, if you are a small business. So we always suggest that a small business buys at least a middle ground connection. Faster is better because your business will eventually use the speed. 

For a SMB, a “cable” connection or what carriers oftentimes label “small business fiber,” is typically about $100-$150 monthly. Depending on a carrier’s current promotions, this can sometimes be much less.

In general, whether you are a SMB or larger firm, the minimum rule of thumb when trying to gauge how much bandwidth you need, is 1 meg of Upload/Download per knowledge worker. This is more than enough to support that worker having a VoIP call (about 10% of 1 meg), a video call (300k/30% of 1 meg), and working with Office365 (100-300K 30%).   

Furthermore, if your business relies on the internet, it's better to have two cheaper yet slower connections from two different providers (e.g. a SMB buying one connection from your local phone company and one from your cable company) coupled with a device that makes them work together such as a SD-WAN router. There is a very sound reason for this. Please keep in mind that inexpensive connections are not always reliable, but it is unusual for both to go down at the same time. 

So this type of setup will create what is called “redundancy,” which is a back-up plan for your business in case one connection falters. In addition to creating a contingency plan, the SD-WAN device can do other beneficial things like making the two connections work as one by combining the bandwidth speeds. Taking advantage of this feature will give your business the benefit and feel of a much more expensive connection. So you'll be super-fast at a value price!

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