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CEO / Co-Founder

Having more than 20 years of unique experience in the technology and communications industry, Michael has been a chief executive of several corporations. He is well renowned in technology circles and a trusted advisor to Fortune 50 companies and MSBs.

As an entrepreneur, consultant, keynote speaker and member of several board of directors, he is recognized for his candid and ground-breaking ideas. Michael stands out in a sea of suits, because he has the audacity to say what everyone else is thinking rather than censoring his opinions. This earnest type of dialogue has created fresh and innovative ways of thinking about technology.

One of the eccentric qualities that makes him unique in the industry, is he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty when he needs to. Few are able to work side by side with customers and vendors, like Michael does, to accomplish the most impossible goals. He cares about results and, if necessary, will ask uncomfortable questions to get to the core of an issue. News outlets such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNBC, Forbes, and Consumer Digest are frequently seeking his pragmatic contributions.

Michael is a quality individual with an unrelenting desire to provide outstanding service… He makes technical recommendations that benefit his customers first and his revenue second… (he) can be counted on to do the job thoroughly and with the highest degree of ethics.
— Loris Johnson, Carrier Management
… always first-in-last-out and focused on providing the best possible solutions for customers as well as partners. I would strongly encourage any and all of my contacts to spend some time speaking with the boT’s CEO, Michael, just to get a chance to meet someone with his genuine care for people, business savvy, and high energy.
— Geoff Liakos, Panasonic Corporation

Sandra Campbell

Chief Operations Officer / Co-Founder


One quarter (25%) of global businesses have no women in senior management roles. Software and Information Technology is one of the employment categories most lacking of women in leadership roles. According to the WSJ, in fact, “Utilities have more female chief executives than any other sector in the S&P 500.” The technology industry needs to see the light that Utility corporations already have on.

With women less likely to reach the top levels of management, Sandra Campbell has been lighting her own way. The stereotype is that women “take care” and men “take charge.” Sandra is the embodiment of someone who takes care AND takes charge. With a rapier wit coupled with instinct and intelligence, she’s a triple threat everyone enjoys working with.

With just under 20 years of varied technological, engineering, and managerial experience, she has worked both in private technology and for the Department of Defense. A one woman team when she needs to be, she defines the word “indomitable.” Her unique perspective allows her to see problems in a 360° view. From splicing fiber to programming to presiding over the boardroom, Sandra has experienced all the industry entails.



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