the business of Technology is an experienced technology consulting firm that provides strategic solutions for primarily mid-size businesses to enterprise-level companies. We don’t just advise, we listen. the boT listens in order to learn how your business really works before we customize a solution plan.


Our founders, having 40+ years of diverse technology experience amongst them, have, unfortunately, experienced many of the ugly aspects of the technology business. Out of this soulless dysfunction, they formed a collective vision of what should be. Years later, the dream manifested itself into a well-designed operation – the business of Technology.

Upon forming the corporation, the boT, inc., a pledge was given to never let the bottom-line supersede values. Even though we are a technology company, we understand that businesses are made of people. We value people.

Everyone has problems. Everyone is guessing.  However, throughout the history of business, people use technology and data to transform those guesses into more informed decisions.  Our mission is to make useful technology and decision-making data available to as many people as possible (not just well established businesses).



Priority: People

The boT is a real-world business with a priority on people. We are not just a company composed of stereotypical salespeople trying to hit quotas. The degree of our guidance comes down to the needs of your company. Our aim is to serve you and your ideas. Think of us as the extra nudge to propel your endeavors into existence.

Problem: Time

The biggest problem in business is time. We can’t make more time. The boT can, however, make practical recommendations and implement technology that will transform the effectiveness of your business. We understand that when our minds and schedules are freed, that’s when astonishing breakthroughs happen.

Strength: Common Sense

DaVinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The simplest questions, based on common sense, are often the right questions. The right questions allow us to anticipate obstacles and create actionable plans. The answers can connect dots across your business and create results you can measure.  


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Strategic solutions for your business:

Cloud Communications

We’re all on the run today: video conference calls on the soccer field, IM chats while in line at the grocery store, and remotely making calls from your favorite coffee shop. Stay cloud connected, and make everyone think you are at the office, with unified communications.  Learn More >

Cybersecurity / Disaster Deterrence

How much time do you really spend worrying about the safety of your business? Don’t let a hack attack or a network outage cripple your operations. Be proactive and let the boT create contingencies so you can rest easier knowing there is a plan in place. Learn More >

Network and Connectivity

We all have data. We all need a route to access that data. How do you want to get there? Do you always want to be stuck on the backroads or do you want to cruise on the highway? Do you want to be automatically re-routed in case of an obstacle? Choose your path. Learn More >